Packaging Services

With more than 30 automatic high effective manufacturing equipment, QS sanitation certification and passing ISO9001-2011, specializes in designing, producing and marketing different kinds of soft packaging products. As a large scale enterprise, our yearly capacity is over 10 million pounds. Our factory covers more than 100,000 square feet, our mission is to manufacture the most unique and high-quality products at a competitive price for our customers.


Flexpak Tapes has the ability to manufacture custom printed tapes with guaranteed fast turnaround, low minimum quantities, exceptional quality, and highly competitive pricing.

Our in-house manufacturing capability means there is no limit to the customization or design of your tapes. The freedom our customers have to design printed tapes that illustrate their brand and quality has proven to be supremely beneficial to their respective business models. The fact that our tapes function as a branding technique is only secondary to the useful role they play in our customers’ packaging needs.

On top of customized printed tapes, adhesive and non-adhesive, we also offer biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) coated tapes in various colors, sizes, and qualities. This special film coating serves as a durable barrier against moisture and can withstand rough abrasion from handling and transport. It is a trusted quality of packaging tape that companies in the packaging industry have relied on since its creation.

We manufacture a superior-quality, water-based adhesive for all our adhesive tapes. This gives the tapes high tack and adhesion strength, expanding its role beyond being an adhesive material to also serving as a tamper-proof seal for your products.

Our team has developed the most efficient method of manufacturing that yields industry-renowned quality in order to pass the savings and benefits to our customers. Call us to discuss how we can make your business even better.

Service Policy

Customized Service

As a supplier of customized printed tapes, we aim to create the unique and quality products you and your business deserve. Our customized service means you are involved in every step and we fulfill each order to your specifications. You choose the tape size, color, material, and adhesion quality and we manufacture with your design. Our service team works with you to create the tape you desire and confirms your wishes at every key step so that in the end, you receive the exact product that you have designed.

Free Samples

Our customers receive free samples of our products! To mitigate the risks for you, we offer a sample of your choosing so you can see and feel the material and quality before you place an order. The sample fees are credited towards your finalized order, ensuring you only pay for your customized product.